Hotel Management Programme for Adults

The Hotel Management Programme for Adults is an ideal programme for all those who are looking for new job opportunities.

Location: Bischofshofen
3 Years
Internship: 24 Weeks
Admission Requirements: Minimum age 18 years, Completion of compulsory education
Diploma: Hotelkauffrau/-mann


The programme offers you a comprehensive commercial, linguistic and computer-related training with the professional focus on tourism and hospitality. Marketing, business administration and law are also part of the course content as are two foreign languages ​​(English, Italian, French or Russian).

Communication and presentation skills are trained and participants are prepared for the professional contact with guests. Technical know-how is also imparted in the areas of kitchen organization, restaurant, front office and travel agency. In addition, students can acquire the qualification 'Young Somelier'.

Classes are held part time from Monday to Wednesday. During the summer breaks a twelve-week internship has to be completed, during which students can gain their first professional experience in tourism and catering businesses.



  • Apprentice graduates in tourism, who want to deepen their technical knowledge and prepare for employment in middle management positions.
  • Re-trainees and re-entrants, who wish to equip themselves with practical know-how for their new careers.
  • Newcomers, who make a career change and want to get an education with good job prospects



Tourism is a dynamic and safe  industry with many different opportunities offered at home and abroad. The diploma 'Hotelkauffrau/-mann' is recognized internationally and will open up job opportunities in various areas (hotels, restaurants, recreation facilities, cruise ships, tourism organizations, etc.). Well-trained tourism professionals are always in demand.

Upon completion of the course, the business license for restaurants and hotels is granted enabling graduates to open their own businesses.



The Tourism School Salzburg - Bischofshofen helps prospective students who do not live in the vicinity, to find accommodation during their academic session period. The adjacent kindergarten school Bischofshofen  offers free placement for children of participants of this programme. 

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