Salzburg As Your Base

Salzburg is the capital of the Austrian Province of Salzburg and lies in the county of Flachau. Its location on the northern edge of the Alps not only gives Salzburg an aesthetic allure, but also a convenient location in the center of Europe. To the northwest, Salzburg borders the German state of Bavaria and is near several large metropolitan European cities. The mountains and the Salzach River leave an indelible mark on the city and help make it one of the greenest in Europe.

The tourism industry plays a major role in Salzburg's and Austria's economy and has done so for over one hundred years. What a better place to learn about hospitality than in a region where there are 24 million overnight hotel stays every year? The City of Salzburg itself offers an abundance of culture and its surroundings are perfect for enjoying leisure time by the lakes or in the mountains - altogether the ideal place to study tourism and hospitality.

Climate & Weather

The City of Salzburg is located in the foothills of the Alps and is therefore strongly influenced by the Alpine climate. Winters are usually quite cold and dry, with frequent snowfall. During the winter, temperatures may fall as low as -25°C on the clearest of nights and the first snowfall can be expected as early as October. Summers are warm and friendly, but rain is not uncommon and can last for several days at a time. During the warmest months - July to September - the temperature can easily reach 30 - 35°C.

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