Health & Insurance

Every student who is admitted to the Tourism School Klessheim, and as a result is planning a longer stay in Austria, must prove that he/she has health insurance that is valid in Austria. Please note that students who need an entry visa or permit for Austria must provide proof of health insurance initially when they apply for the entry document.

Students, from EU/EEA countries who are in possession of valid national health insurance in their home country are required to have the European Health Insurance Card "e-card".

Students (and other persons) from countries that have concluded a health insurance agreement with Austria (Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey; details see: OEAD or Sozialversicherung), are required to have in their possession the A3 form, which is available from the national health insurance carrier. At the Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse (SGKK), this form must be exchanged for the forms that entitle one to medical treatment in Austria (so called "Krankenkassenschecks").

Students who do not fall into one of the above mentioned categories are recommended to purchase a travel health insurance in their home country that is valid for the journey to Salzburg and to purchase a health insurance policy for students upon arrival for the stay in Austria. In this case please contact the school office we have a special agreement with Uniqa insurance. For more details you may also visit Health and Safety in Salzburg.

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