Tourism Schools Salzburg

Founded in 1946 and owned by the Salzburg Economic Chamber, the Tourism Schools Salzburg have educated more than 15,000 students from over 150 countries. Our graduates  hold high level positions in tourism and hospitality businesses, government agencies and tourism boards all around the globe.

Today the Tourism Schools Salzburg are among the leading hospitality institutes in Austria and Europe. Our schools prepare students for exciting and successful careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Best industry relationships and a great academic network guarantee thrilling professional opportunities following your graduation.


Live and study in Salzburg

Salzburg, the city of Mozart and 'Sound of Music', is truly a hotspot for international tourism. For more than 100 years Salzburg has been the epicentre of Austria's tourism and hospitality industry. Today, the baroque city of Salzburg and the whole region draw guests from all over the world who spend more than 24 million overnight hotel stays each year.

The city offers an abundance of culture and events and its surroundings are perfect for enjoying leisure time by the lakes or in the mountains - altogether the ideal place to study tourism and hospitality.

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